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1) simple and i think acceptable feedback - http://community.invisionpower.com/tracker/issue-25168-active-users-list-permisions/

2) IPB 3.1 have great search engine functionality specially its fURL system, but it need more enhancement for about special BOT Skin for more crawling. and some settings in Search engine optimization. which make more healthy of this system. for example more meta tags fields so we can add more meta tags as we want because there are many meta tags for many meta tags follower bots. and specially a feature which only show last 100 url on index on special bot skin because bot can't crawl if there are thousands of URL on forum index page. so give a setting and admin can chose it from their end. and remove board name on topics, profiles and all other pages because it make more lengthy title.

3) user agent enhancement specially its Regx key information. currently we really don't know that which data we put in Regx and how can we get this data ? we only know the bot name and nothing else. spider adding system is the one of best system in IPB 2.3 so if possible make IPB 3.1 like that so we only submit bot information like IPB 2.3

4) Adding poll option for guest group so if admin can give choice to any group in any forum so that group can create poll and give permissions to guest so they can vote in poll topic without login.

5) add fast reply functionality on ajax. currently Hotmail, Google, facebook and ll other big database sites used this functionality in their forums, emails and in many things.

6) Invitation system like facebook, so user can invite their friend after register at forum.

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There is a hook for (1) , I use it mainly to just stop guests and validating browsing the online list (although its adjustable for any groups as needed). Here > http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/3112-im-view-online-list-permissions-100/

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Yeah, i know the hook but if its in builten so it would be appreciated, There is also a thousands of hooks which release day by day to make IP.Board more enhanced and work full for webmasters and for professional business companies.

I strongly suggest to IPS, keep eyes on google, bing and yahoo improvement and latest technology they Implement day by day. Because in my point of view IP.Board provide the best quality of service to their clients to provide best search engine power flexibility, But it require more improvement. I suggest create a new skin for search engine for crawlers and bots only for better crawling on forum.

Also add the more settings and functions to stop and control useless things parsing in topics in forum. like signature, images, links. if IPS provide a setting in ACP to hide OR visible signatures, links, images, media in selected forums so we can deal better with search engines to stopping the big and high signatures, links and images if we want. It improve the page speed to ignore the high resolution and big size images.

Also IP.Board required builten Sitemap generator which generate the every forum sitemap individual OR separate depend in choice. there are few hooks available about this but it would be appreciated if it come with the software.

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