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MP3 Attachment Suggestion


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Can I suggest that mp3 file attachments should not only provide a download link optionally an mp3 player able to stream the mp3 attachment using mp3player.swf?

Just now the mp3 file attachment is a paramenter based url and as such wont work with the FlashVars 'value="mp3=' format as the other parameters of value just create a nonsense url. Additionally as there is no mp3 file extension the media tag doesn't work.

As far as i can tell this would require an attachment interpreter to be called to decode the attachement into an mp3 temp file and an update to the appropriate attachment template to display the player if the audio mime_type is set for the attachment data.

Ideally the ability to select download, player or download and player should be offered.

Anyone else see this as useful?



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i've worked with the attachment system for other mods and found its actually quite difficult to hook into. i think this is better suited as a mod though, would be cool to have it play it and be able to process the details of the file too.

/me might look into this...

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