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Download: Magistral 3.1.2


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File Name: Magistral 3.1.2
File Submitter: Evanescense
File Submitted: 10 Sep 2010
File Category: Professional Skins

The "Magistral Skin" is a very smooth design with several shades of blue and yellow.
It contains MANY customizations, however, it maintains a certain level of simplicity
so it can be easily used in any kind of online environment.

This skin is great for anyone who has a community with a LOT of links in their top navigation bar too!

This skin pack includes: (in the base price)
* IPB and all its add-on applications skinned fully.
* Matching alternate icon pack for board index categories so you can change it up if you like.
* Matching default avatar for members with no avatar selected PLUS the .psd for the matching avatar frame to make your own!
* Matching team icon .psd file for your user groups.
* Logo.psd for easy customization of your forum logo.
* ALL needed fonts for easy customization with your PSD files.

We have included 2 different css driven, matching website templates in this skin pack as an optional add-on for a small additional fee.

This skin pack is designed to work with the following:
* IP.Content
* IP.Gallery
* IP.Blog
* IP.Downloads
* IP.Chat
* IP.Shoutbox
* IP.Tracker
* IP.Links

Magistral skin also works with these popular 3rd party mods too...
* ibProArcade Lite
* iClient Download System
* (T30) Tickets System
* Market Place System

Magistral comes with an alternate icon pack so you can change out your icons for the board index!






Click here to download this file

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