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How many time the forums uses e-mail/SMTP Relay ?

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Bumping, this as a year later I am still trying to find a way to determine the usage.

The challenge is to find the right hosting, example my large forums work just fine on cheap hosting EXCEPT for the mail relay.

If I had a way to throttle the email to so many per minute, per hour, per day I would have more options that I could rely on.

Figuring out a way to track or log the emails, used either via php mail or smtp would sure help.

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You could try getting a base line/cheap VPS to host a mail server on and simply secure it to only accept mail from say your current hosted platform.. This way you should be able to avoid that issue

Mail flow would than go via SMTP from your forum directly to the vps (which wouldn't count towards relay) than send via DNS from there to its intended recipient.

However, you can always ask your host to generate a report for how many messages in the last xx days have been sent from the outbound address you have set on the forums

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