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xcache not caching any var

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Hi, some day ago i changed caching system from apc to xcache. Looks like i have a problem caching variables.

post-119430-082192600 1283419467_thumb.p

Here is my xcache.ini settings

; configuration for php xcache module



xcache.admin.user = "ehehheh"

xcache.admin.pass = "hohohooh" 


xcache.shm_scheme = "mmap" 

xcache.size = 64M ; set to cpu count (cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep -c processor) 

xcache.count = 2 

xcache.slots = 8K ; ttl of the cache item, 0=forever 

xcache.ttl = 0 ; interval of gc scanning expired items, 0=no scan, other values is in seconds 

xcache.gc_interval = 0 ; same as aboves but for variable cache 

xcache.var_size = 2M 

xcache.var_count = 2 

xcache.var_slots = 8K 

xcache.var_ttl = 0 

xcache.var_maxttl = 0 

xcache.var_gc_interval = 300 

xcache.test = Off ; N/A for /dev/zero 

xcache.readonly_protection = Off 

xcache.mmap_path = "/tmp/xcache" 

xcache.coredump_directory = "" ; per request settings 

xcache.cacher = On 

xcache.stat = On 

xcache.optimizer = On 


xcache.coverager = Off 

xcache.coveragedump_directory = "" 

Did i missed something ?

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What does php.ini show for xcache? ;)

You mean php info i think.

additional .ini files parsed
....., /etc/php5/cgi/conf.d/xcache.ini .....

XCache section of php infos


XCache Support	enabled

Version 	1.3.0

Modules Built 	cacher

Readonly Protection 	N/A

Cache Init Time 	2010-09-01 21:22:43

Cache Instance Id 	19879

Opcode Cache 	enabled, 67,

108,864 bytes, 2 split(s), with 8192 slots each

Variable Cache 	enabled, 2,

097,152 bytes, 2 split(s), with 8192 slots each

Shared Memory Schemes 	mmap 

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

xcache.admin.enable_auth	On	On

xcache.cacher	On	On

xcache.coredump_directory	no value	no value

xcache.count	2	2

xcache.gc_interval	0	0

xcache.mmap_path	/tmp/xcache	/tmp/xcache

xcache.readonly_protection	no value	no value

xcache.shm_scheme	mmap	mmap

xcache.size	64M	64M

xcache.slots	8K	8K

xcache.stat	On	On

xcache.test	no value	no value

xcache.ttl	0	0

xcache.var_count	2	2

xcache.var_gc_interval	300	300

xcache.var_maxttl	0	0

xcache.var_size	2M	2M

xcache.var_slots	8K	8K

xcache.var_ttl	0	0

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Scrap xCache and go with eAccelerator for the best performance...

May be installed but is the /tmp/xcache writable ? If nothing is being cached then to me it either cannot write or the path given is not correct.

There not /tmp/xcache directory on my serv. Btw, should it be a directory or a file ? Which permission should i set to this directory/file if i manualy add it ?

I try to have a look at main caching system, i ll try eaccelerator once my problem with xcache will be solved. Need it to work proporly if i want to compare correctly :D.
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All depends what your settings are and where its being cached,

Have you tried doing a search ?

if you cannot find then make that directory and chmod to 777 ( chmod 777 TEMPORY TEST ) then do an apache restart and then check if anything is being loaded.

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Hi, i found some day ago my mistake.
Thanks for trying to help that unsolvable problem anyway.

Solution :
in my conf global, i was using memecache + xcache
As a result, memecache was doing the var caching, and xcache the phpcaching. I didn't realized that earlyer cuz i rarely check my memecache admin pannel.
I discovered this while i decided to clean my conf global for old parameters not needed anymore.

Use memecache = 0 Magic ! xcache now caching vars ;).

About eaccelerator, i would like to have a try at it too. But it looks like a pain to get it on debian. Would require some downgrade on my system and thing like that. As i am not a pro with my serv, i am not sure about installing it succefully without breaking many thing on the serv.

Once again, sorry for my horrible english.

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