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Full AJAX forums ... Is it possible?

Anya Hawkins

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I've come across this forums:

Which every pages, topics, replies, etc. seems to be full AJAX, i.e. no single page load occur once enter the forums.
Everything feel so smooth.
You can navigate through forum view, topic view and post. You can post reply, edit, go back and forth without loading entire page.

There is a tab called Forum SPY that updates new activity to you in real time, like in IP.Shoutbox. Only it updates entire forums.

I've been told many times that to employ full AJAX across everything in a website is not practical or whatever and I've thought so until I met that website.

Will this feature ever come to IP.Board? At least Forum >> Topic >> Post / Reply without loading.


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IMO that is entirely pointless. What use or benefit does it have? It uses AJAX to reload the ENTIRE page, AND changes the address bar. Why not just load the new page! It has no beneficial use whatsoever, and given the charset issues using AJAX, would only serve to compound issues in other languages.

BIG no vote from me, personally.

(FWIW - no one said it couldn't be done, just that there's no point to doing it)

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