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Skin URL Remapping - Add options to allow transfer to a new skin by move or export/import

The Old Man

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I have a skin where I have made use of the URL Remapping options. I have about 40 URL's added so people will see a particular skin if they browser certain categories and albums in the Gallery, but I want to transfer them to a new 3.1.2 compatible skin. However there are no options to move them to a new skin or export/import them at all? I really don't want to add them all again manually, it would take ages!

This would be a real time saver, guys!

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I can't answer the question with import/export. Maby it will be added in a feature release?

But, you can actually do this by SQL.
The URL mappings you have created, are stored in the database, in the table [prefix]_skin_url_mapping.

In there, you can change the map_skin_set_id to the new skin ID, and all the URL mappings will be transfered to your new skin.

To update all rows for a spesific Skin ID, run this query:

UPDATE ipb3_skin_url_mapping

SET map_skin_set_id=4

WHERE map_skin_set_id=5

Change the table prefix to correspond with your prefix, and change both the skin ID's.

Hope this solves your problem.. ;)

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