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Suggestion: Center Profile Image


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I've only been able to find a few threads that have anything to do with profile customizations, so if this is being repeated I apologize in advance.

Tiling an image is fine for some people, but some people like to do full out profile bg's. Because of all the screen resolution differences it is pretty hard pressed to make a great looking profile bg without the ability to center the image. Much like the YouTube (and other) profiles choices, we really need the ability to center say a 1800x1000 image which would cover most resolutions but keeping our bg design in place.

Now I wasn't making multiple accounts to be a pain, but this old account prior to our license change of ownership shows what I'm talking about. If this bg was centered it would of looked fine (or at least I could of adjusted it to be perfect: It needed to be wider and such but was more of a test)

My Old IPB Account


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