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2 Suggestions (Subscribe to Calendar and RSS Import as Pinned/Unpinned topic)

The Old Man

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1) On the Calendar, would it be possible to allow members to Subscribe to a Calendar? So that they would receive a notification when a new event is posted? I have a second Calendar set up solely for dates of live appearances at Conventions for an actor, it would be great if people could subscribe to the Calendar to receive an e-mail notification of upcoming convention appearances.

2) My second suggestion stems from a workaround of the first suggestion, I'm importing the RSS feed from my second calendar into a forum that members can Watch so they receive e-mail notifications.
In the RSS Import options, there are options to import as an Open/Closed topic and Visible or Invisible topic. Can you please add an option to import as Pinned or Unpinned?

Thank you!

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I'm posting to agree with #1.

I run a sports m manager website, with 100+ coaches, split into divisions of 10 men. Each has their own secondary group. I want each man to be able to watch HIS division's calendar, plus an announcements calendar. I do not want events from other division calendars appearing on 'Find New Content'.

Can this really be so hard? It seems to me that the calendar is just tacked on, with little or no effort at true integration. If the calendar worked properly it would add a hell of a lot to my forum.

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