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I was suggested to put my question here so here it goes.

Is there a way to make image attachments into nice URLs instead of


to something of the affect


i would like the pictures to be easily and properly picked up by google.

when i search my site through google image search i get picture names like this "post-83928374928340238940.jpg"

thanks for reading this.

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Getting the image name to change isn't very easy from post-83928374928340238940.jpg to nameofimage.jpg as having it the other way prevents duplicates from being uploaded.

Also if you have FURL enabled that should fix your first problem, if you do have it enabled you could pull that off by modifying your .htacess

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you can mark it with the postid like


unless the person is uploading the same picture multiple times i dont see why it would be hard to implement.

I have at least 3 or 4 "photo.jpg" images on my computer that are different images with the same name (in different folders obviously). All it would take is for me to upload 2 of those to conflict...
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