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Not sure if this has already been proposed but I was thinking this about the calendar.

Sometimes one runs the forums on a site with other apps, be it wordpress, joomla etc. One may want to use the forums calendar but have links instead of pointing to the IPB calendar to be a field you can enter yourself, ie pointing back if you want to an external page/sites instead of a link back to the day in the calendar. Lets say you have an event on dec 31st and you create a blob page for it in your favorite blog app. The URL is www.website.com/events/1234 for example.
Now when people go to the forums and read posts they may go to the calendar, once they are looking at the month they see a link for dec 31st in the calendar. The idea is to be able to manually enter that link so that it goes to www.website.com/events/1234 instead of the calendar entry.

The way to do it would be to have a checkbox called LINK and next to it a field. If you select the checkbox the link would go to the link instead of the calendar post. This would be very useful as it would remove one click if you put the url in the calendar post.

So in essence you can either enter an event in the calendar or enter a LINK instead. This would be useful for people running event pages managed by a cms but with an IPB community. I know that people could also click the same link inside the event post itself but this would save a click.

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