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Download: Ma-Config.com IPB3 detects and shares the PC hardware


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File Name: Ma-Config.com IPB3 detects and shares the PC hardware
File Submitter: charon2
File Submitted: 23 Aug 2010
File Updated: 28 Aug 2010
File Category: Applications

Ma-Config.com IPB3 allows users to detect and share their PC hardware listing. It is like Everest or SiSoft Sandra but online and integrated in your forum. This is particularly suited to computer forums.


Registration on Ma-Config.com (free and no ads)
A domaine name (for technical reasons)

Allow online detection of PC hardware from the forum
Share infos in profile field
User have access (delete/detect again) to the detection results from their user control panel
Available in English and French.

Alternate Download
The last Ma-Config.com IPB3 is available on Ma-Config.com

Click here to download this file

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