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(DP34) Referrals System


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Keep up the good work, will buy when

1. have you added the feature of adding multiple emails in a form to send out a mass invite?

is possible! ;-)

i have planned to send out invitations to golf clubs (golf community), and if each club gets XX people referred (and they make posts) i will give them some free advertising space for a time period. Will only be possible when invite is easy as possible.. :-)


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I have a one question
\in Settings
Groups : Select which groups can enable referrals system for they accounts.

If I also select guest... will it work for guest also?

(member no zero is shown in the link)

Can we allow for guest also? What will be its consequences?


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If I want an invite-only board, where people are able to invite friends based on a reward system (to earn the right to invite someone) and trust (the community is made of trusted people), it doesn't seem good to allow anyone to join simply because they were provided with a valid member+ID combination. Unwanted people should not be able to sneak in by having this information.

Example: I'm someone who was never referred by anyone and by accident (or else) I meet someone who is a member in the board. Since this "someone" doesn't have invitations (or right to give invitations) I ask them to provide me with a username+ID of a member who is known to have invitations (or right to give them) and then I visit the link/fill the registration form with this information...

This should not be allowed. Why not use hashes/codes and send these on a URL by email to the invitee? These are impossible to be guessed by any other member and would not include any public information such as username/IDs.

this is exactly what i need... emailed u about it as well

needs forced option with hashes not userids

already bought it as well

if u add this guaranteed ull be able to sell it for more no questions asked
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some thing with these features but working with 3.1.4


this specifically is what i meant above meaning all new registrations are disabled in acp and only signups allowed are through the invites referrals system

The system opperates in 3 mods. Off compleatly, passive mode (This is where you can signup with or without an invite) or Forced mode (an invite MUST bee used to sign up an account).

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on the default skin you have it too? If not, please give me your board url.

[ + ]

On PM please send me your PayPal address. Thanks.

No, it's just on this skin for some odd reason.
http://www.thelocalpub.invisionzone.com - It's that skin.
Also, I didn't buy it, we had it donated to us from one of our other admins.
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Hey DawPi, I'm very close to purchasing this mod, but first I have a few questions:

1. Points integration - With an existing points system, can I award points for simply referring new users? And additional points if that new member also posts? For example, What about 5 points for referring, and then another 10 points if the referred member posts a topic? So for referring a member, the referrer gets 5 points, and if they post, they get 10 more, totaling potential of 15. Is this doable?

2. I'll need to run a contest each month for the top referrer of new members (to motivate members to use it!), what would be the best way to find this data? Is this possible? How would I do this? I think a reporting mechanism for specific dates would be greatly beneficial if it's not already there.

3. Already suggested, but I too would love to see an invite page built into ipb which allows members to send out invitations. This would be the first available and I think there would be great demand for this.

4. Do you have an approximate idea on when the next update will become available?

Thanks so much,

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Dawid, thanks.

Until the next release comes out, is there a manual way to figure out who the most referrers are within a particular time period? Would I be able to figure this out somehow? Couldnt tell if this is possible just by looking at the screenshots. In viewing the log page it shows the referred, but if it simply had another column for REFERRER that would solve the problem as I could manually count and compare the totals. I would need this in order to purchase. Thanks,

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Hi, why are guests can see the Sidebar with the referal Link? And no Member is able to refer a fried. Everytimes appears the ErrorMsg that the Refer Field is empty :-(

So i cant use the System at the moment.

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if anyone has problem with any of my mod, then please use mail rather than post here. I'm not often on board, but read all mails.

2kLime - please send me an email on biuro [at] ipslink.pl with description what doesn't work for you. Then we can work on it.

P.s. I'm working on the new version, with many new functions, so any discovered and confirmed bug will be also fixed.

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