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(DP34) Referrals System


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New version is coming! :)

Someone has any idea for the new function ( not fix ) to this mod?

[ + ]
So far done:

  • added option to ban member from using referrals system,
  • added option to view referral link into sidebar, to easily copy it,
  • added option to add points only if referred member made X posts, not just after registration ( based on posts count ),
  • pathed register code, based on IPS path,
  • small changes and cleanups in code.
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New version released with few requested options, fixes etc. :)

Mod will be send to all clients soon. If anyone will not get copy, please send me @ on biuro [at] ipslink.pl with your PayPal @.

Thanks for everyone for their support!

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After upgrade the hook gives me this site error -

Fatal error: Call to undefined method skin_referrals_60::hooks_dp3rsSidebarReferrerLink() in /home/user/public_html/forums/hooks/dp3rsSidebarShowReferrLink_b1a56f87b7696c360218b191c61481c9.php on line 73

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Just purchased and installed. I have a couple of questions.

1. In hook overview in ADMIN CP
(DP31) Referrals System DawPi 42 minutes ago Update Available

But when I click the link it does not update???

2. I would like to change the text displayed in the hook, on the registration page and in control panel options.

3. Is it possible to remove Powered By (DP31) Referrals System 1.0.5

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Ad 1 - yes, my mistake. I've change version on my server to not display this. When I release 1.0.6, then I'll add proper value. Sorry for that!
Ad 2 - it's simply. Go to manage languages, choose lang, and open (DP31) Referrals tab, then edit any lang bit as you want.
Ad 3 - contact with me ( biuro [at] ipslink.pl ) to get more informations.

For all clients - I'll launch my new service, then everyone can easily get latest version of my mods etc.. More informations soon. Right now I'm working with bugfixes. :)

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I have a suggestion for the next update.

Is it possible to use the Referrals System for registration to a board.

Let me explain:

I wish I could set up the function "Disable new registrations" to YES and only use the Referrals System. So if a member wants to get on the board, it will be sponsored.

It'll be the only way to register

What do you think ?

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