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(DP34) Referrals System


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Heya D
I've sent ya a message last week about adding an option so you can get credits only for referrals that made X amount of posts so I cna protect from affiliates that signup and do not make any posts. I'm planning to reward my affiliates for bringing new members

When do you think this will be added? Thanks

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You are still saying that will release an update to ref mods anytime soon .Can you give us another deadline for this project.. Personally Im in choosing if I should buy your mod or hire a programmer to create a ref mod for me from scratch....

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Hey Dawpi, im trying to do a quick fix for the link in the sidebar view, here is what i got so far


Im having difficulties in getting the link to show in the box as it does in the settings page. Here is the code added to the sidebar (from the settings page)

<fieldset class='row2'>


				<li class='field'>

					<label for='dp3_rs_invite_ref'>{$this->lang->words['dp3_rs_ref_text_1']}</label>

					<input readonly onclick="this.select();" type='text' class='input_text' size='{$sizeR}' id='dp3_rs_invite_ref' name='dp3_rs_invite_ref' value='{$refLink}' />




Any help would be appreciated.

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