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(DP34) Referrals System


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DawPi -

I have activated the "points" system as part of the Referral System. Where can a member see how many points they have accumulated? Where can I (admin) see how many points they have accumulated?

Also, in the ACP, the "Referrals Ranking" is misleading b/c it counts referrals that were sent, not confirmed. For my purposes, I don't have much use for how many referral links were sent out, I only care about how many referrals were accepted and then completed my minimum post count.

Please let me know your thoughts.

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can you make it so we can give invites per a user and user group like how many each person or group gets

Also looking forward this feature. Please move it up in the ToDo list! :)

Hello guys,

this app will be reviewed with IP.Board 3.4 soon, so please be patient. I'll reply on all questions.

Niceeeee, please update soon!

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Bought this and having serious problems with it

The point of it is to set upa competition where the person who referred the most members would get a prize, but the person they refer must make 2 posts before it counts.

I set it up with the following settings

ZyyuR.png' alt='' class='ipsImage' width" alt="ZyyuR.png">
However, when testing it out, it isn't working as we want.
The other admin sent me their referral link, I signed out of my account and registered using the link. It appeared in the LOGS, but before and after I made the 2 posts it still does not say the name of the person reffered and does not show in the Top 5 referrers
Also do not want it to log every time someone clicks on the referral link, I only care about who has signed up, and who has made the 2 posts. In Rankings it had somebody as having 18 when in fact nobody had signed up, just clicked on the link.
Another time it did actually come up the username in the LOGS, but it waited until I authorized it before making it count.
Using 3.4.0
Any help would be greatly appreciated
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I didn't checked this mod on 3.4 yet. It's very important mod for me so I want to test ALL functions on the 3.4 before update, so I need a little more time to make it.

Now I'm working on a few other mods (less mods which need less time to review).

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Also, I'd like to be able to have multiple groups so if a member gets 100 referrals they get ranked up and then when they reach 200 they again get ranked up.

Would be great to be able to use custom banner setups too so you can give them a forum sig, or banner to use to advertise, promote your website.

Think you could add them in for the next release?!

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great works on 3.4 now i can upgrade my board i was waiting on this mod

any idea what new features will be added its really sad to see this great mod get left alone by far one of the best and most needed mods on IPB and i feel its getting put off please bring this back to life DP really love your work and support just need it on this great mod to

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