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(DP34) Referrals System

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File Name: (DP34) Referrals System File Submitter: DawPi File Submitted: 23 Aug 2010 File Category: Promotion Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x With this app you can allow you

The new version is available. I hope that for most of you will be without problems. If you find a mistake, do not wait and write about it here!

Hello guys, this app will be reviewed with IP.Board 3.4 soon, so please be patient. I'll reply on all questions.

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I think it's the most important thing:

X-AntiAbuse: This header was added to track abuse, please include it with any abuse report

X-AntiAbuse: Primary Hostname - xxxx

X-AntiAbuse: Original Domain - xxxx

X-AntiAbuse: Originator/Caller UID/GID - xxxx

X-AntiAbuse: Sender Address Domain - xxxx

Could try use another title of the invitation message? If then does not work, I'll need to access to your board to make few debug tests..

See, it's work on my board, tested few minutes ago:

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So the issue isn't related to my mod, which works perfectly, but to the abuse filters on your mail server. I affraid I can do nothing with this.

Ok, any ideas what i should ask my hosting service to adjust?
I have access to cPanel but i don´t know if I can this on my own in a shared hosting?
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Well, ask them why these messages were blocked.. :smile:

I asked them, they say they have no filtering active on their server and according to them there´s no reason at all this should happen because of their server-environment.
All they could suggest was that if this mod is using the standard PHP mail()-function, they asked if it was possible to change that to a "live" smtp-function on my account instead?

The strange thing is that other e-mails from the board works just fine (threads being followed, when recieving a PM, etc) .. if this was server-related wouldn´t those also be stripped?

From what i understand this "X-AntiAbuse:" filtering seems to be part of the IPS PHP Mailer, not my server?
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My hosting-support managed to find these threads:



The last one had a fix which solved my problem, so this was not related to any abuse filters on my server but rather some bug in IPS mail-function. Might help anyone else having this problem.

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Mod isnt working for me :/

Installed it fine, everything seems okay. I copy a referral link and email it to myself. In another browser I click on the link.

First, looking in the HTML for the reg page, there is nothing holding that referral ID (unless its a cookie)

Next, after I register and validate, i check the account that sent the referral and all I see is --no name-- Status (sent) Today No Options

I dont see it listed in the profile view either of the new user.

something doesnt seem right

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THshadow: Do you allow referral from the same IP in your settings?

That worked :)

Second question. I see it says (Points Integration Settings). Is that an external mod or the built in reputation system?

If its not the rep system, is there an easy way to have it boost the rep X points?
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THshadow: Do you allow referral from the same IP in your settings?

That worked :smile:

Tip for future upgrade (DawPi): Might be good if this is flagged/logged somehow, so the admin (just admin, member might se "not approved" or something instead) quickly can detect why a referal was not approved (instead of having to go through member info and comparing them).
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I can't find any mail/PM from you.. You want fast support, but don't want follow the rules from the readMe file - it's depends you only.
Please send me mail with description of the issues what you have. I'll look into that then.


3 days for support..... and no answer... :mad:

Where you read info about the support time answer from me? I didn't write about it nowhere, so the only thing that I have in mind is you're so unpatient. :)
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