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(IG31) Tick Tock Hook

Ilia Goranov

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File Name: (IG31) Tick Tock Hook

File Submitter: Ilia Goranov

File Submitted: 21 Aug 2010

File Category: Other style options

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.1.x

This is my first complete hook for IP.Board I'v developed alone %7Boption%7D This hook will make your "Now is" clock in the footer to tick-tock. In the footer there is a time stamp by the web server when the page is loaded. It says "Now is" but this text can stay for minutes, hours... if you forgot your computer running - even for days. With this hook the clock will be updated every second.


  • Works virtually with any LOCALE
  • Works at midnight and will change not only the hours, but the date also
  • Supports almost all date formats you can set
    Not supported parameters of PHP strftime function:
    • %V - ISO-8601:1988 week number of the given year, starting with the first week of the year with at least 4 weekdays, with Monday being the start of the week
    • %g - Two digit representation of the year going by ISO-8601:1988 standards (see %V)
    • %G - The full four-digit version of %g
    • %X - Preferred time representation based on locale, without the date
    • %Z - The time zone offset/abbreviation option NOT given by %z (depends on operating system)
    • %c - Preferred date and time stamp based on locale
    • %x - Preferred date representation based on locale, without the time

Installation: [*]The hook will calculate the difference between the client`s computer clock and the server`s clock and will always use the server time relative to the profile and board settings. [*]Hook works with IP.Board 3.1.2 On version 3.0.x it displays a second clock unfortunately! [*]The hook may malfunction when used with some custom skins.
Open your IP.Board ACP, go to System->Manage Hooks, select the .XML file and import. No settings needed. It uses the default short date format.

here to download this file

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