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Feature request : deleting a member


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Hi there,

On my IP Board, I often have to delete members, because they are insulting, multi-accounts, etc.

So, when it happens, I have to go to the ACP and then :

1. In the "Actions menu", destroy all member's posts
2. In the "Actions menu", clear watched topics and forums
3. In the "Actions menu", delete sent private messages
4. And finally push the button "Delete member".

Could it be possible to have a one button that nukes everything from the member ? Posts, private messages, watched topics, etc...

It would save a huge quantity of time.

Thanks :)

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Any plans to add above changes in new releases? At present, deleting any user on forums is really pain in da butt.

It would be nice to have pop up, where I can select, whatever things I need to delete for that user, and hit submit.

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