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Need a user friendly way to load images in signatures

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Is it something you will plan to fix in I future upgrade? We find it makes the Forum very difficult to use for the technologically challenged user.

We get many, many complaints from the people using our forum that it is complicated, frustrating and difficult to use. I think it is important for you to listen to this feedback and take into account that constantly adding features is not necessarily better than making a platform that is easy to use, no matter how un-skilled people are. Our forum needs to be simple to use for everyone, or we spend countless hours talking people through complicated procedures (like putting an image into their signature as the image has to have a URL & most of our users don't even know what a URL is, let alone how to load an image onto the web to actually have an image with a URL)).

This is not our core business, but it should be yours (or your designers), so we would appreciate some feedback from you on your plans in this respect.


WWOOF Australia

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