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Email replies to post directly to forum

Jessica Lin

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I have the feature request to have people that reply to forum emails be posted directly to the forum. Currently, if you watch/subscribe to a forum, you get sent an email when a new post is placed. is it possible that when someone replies to that specific email that it will automatically update the forum thread- without having to log into or be a member of the forum?

right now, there are instances where we have to forward these issues to other teams for resolution. we'd like to enable it so that when those outside teams respond, it will post directly to the forum without having to have someone in the middle pushing responses back and forth.

Andrew from support said this isn't enabled yet, but is used by IP.Nexus for support tickets, and is being planned for a future version. I was trying to get an eta on this feature and Logan directed me to post directly to the forum.



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