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IP.Chat: A Few Good Suggestions :)


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Just some suggestions:


1.) Add an Admin-button to clear the entire chat room text content. As non-Mods wander in and out of the chatroom, sometimes we'd like to erase all prior comments quickly, without having to boot people and restart it.

And also...

2.) When you have a private chat tab next to the main room, even in the private room, it shows like everyone is in your chat, not just the two private participants. The population window needs to change dynamically to reflect which chat room you are in.

3.) I like that Admin names are red colored. Can you make Mod names a certain color and regular Members another, as well? Ignore this, if it's already implemented.

4.) Better granularity in offline/online schuduling by Member-group. For example, we'd like to be able have the chat room open 24 hours for all Admins & Mods. But want it only open to regular members during AM hours from 8am to 10pm, so they can be moderated live. For example, regular members are locked out of chatroom during 10pm to 8am (night), but it's still open to admins/mods. Helps avoid "overnight drama chats" while Admins/Mods are in bed, lol. We don't want to just shut down the chat completely at night.


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