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Recent Blog Entires Hook - Style Is Different


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Is there anyway to have the recent blog entries sidebar item look the same as the recent topics added or recent status updates.

The blog entries block is styled differently on my board and it just looks a little out of place in the side bar. Id like them all to be a uniform look.

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On your skin -> Blog -> Content Blocks

look for 'recentEnteries' and replace with this:


{parse striping="recententries" classes="row1,row2"}

<ul class='block_rows'>

	<if test="is_array( $entries )">

		<foreach loop="$entries as $eid => $entry">

			<li class='{parse striping="recententries"}' style='clear:both'>

				<img src='{$entry['pp_mini_photo']}' width='{$entry['pp_mini_width']}' height='{$entry['pp_mini_height']}' alt='' class='photo' />

				<div class='nexttophoto'>

					<if test="newcomment:|:$entry['newpost']">

					 <a href="{parse url="app=blog&amp;module=display&amp;section=blog&amp;blogid={$entry['blog_id']}&amp;showentry={$entry['entry_id']}&amp;show=newcomment" template="showentry" seotitle="{$entry['entry_name_seo']}" base="public"}">{parse replacement="f_newpost"}</a>&nbsp;


					<a href="{parse url="app=blog&amp;module=display&amp;section=blog&amp;blogid={$this->registry->blogFunctions->blog['blog_id']}&amp;showentry={$entry['entry_id']}" template="showentry" seotitle="{$entry['entry_name_seo']}" base="public"}"><strong>{$entry['entry_name']}</strong></a>

					<p class='desc'>{$this->lang->words['comment_on']} {$entry['_entry_date']}</p>







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