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Excellent Anti-Spam Performance


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I would like to compliment IP Board's anti-spam performance.

Until a year or so ago, I had two installs of a competitors forum software. It ran well and I was comfortable with their interface and service. Changes were made and a new version was introduced. I purchased the suite upgrade for both of my forums. The busiest forum is still running with the older version of their software. A less busy forum was upgraded to the new and "improved" version.

The new and improved version is a spam magnet. I have to spend time every day removing inappropriate posts and banning the spammers. The busy forum has a smaller problem with spam for some reason. I don't expect to do more than maintenance upgrades to that forum for the foreseeable future. It isn't broke, so I'm not going to fix it.

Along the time changes were being made to the other software, I purchased a license for IP Board. I have found the company atmosphere and helpfulness here to be exceptional. The software quality is much better. New features are added and improvements are made on a regular basis. It is a very dynamic, well run business.

Now to the reason for the post. The anti-spam prevention system does an excellent job. I have expanded to three small IP Board forums. I never have an issue with spam. It is rare that I have to spend any time with that issue on the IP Board forums.

Not only that, the price is better. Considering the customer service and software quality, you get much more bang for the buck. With the multiple purchase discounts, it isn't even close. I am considering another forum purchase to replace the small forum that I'm having so much trouble with.

Thanks from a satisfied customer,

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I echo the comments. Initially the Spam Monitoring service wasn't catching many spammers when it first came out. Now, however after some time and many more sites using it, it's catching almost 100% of known spammers trying to sign up in my forums. I check each IP address of the members it catches on www.stopforumspam.com and sure enough the IP address is listed as a spammer.

So well done from me as well.


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Yes indeed! I had the same issues with vBulletin! Hahaha I know what he's talking about.

Right now I have a much younger site running on vB and a much older site (11 years) that was prone to spam attacks straight for about 3 years. Ever since I've installed IPB on it, spam is a thing of the past on the older board.

I'll eventually switch my other site over too because I'v had to jump over hoops to keep that one spam free to the point it's hard for the regular users to post.

IPB is definitely the top gun of the forum software right now .... Keep up the great work!

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