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Can you please NAME & VERSION STAMP or DATE STAMP the folders of the board & other modules before you zip them.

when I download the Boards i get a zipped file but the browser decompress it and i end up with a folder called: - board

after i down load the other items like gallery / blog etc. they all download / decompress and now i have board-2, board-3 ,etc.

inside that folder is a folder in each called upload.

Its tedious to have to rename.

If the zipped file had things named first like board_3.1.2 / blog_3.2.2 it would make life easier.

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Works fine for me. It extracts as the same name as the zip. Which is how most extractors work... tested with both the Windows extractor and 7zip.[img]


On the Mac, Safari automatically extracts zip files and just splatters them into your download folder. It does not retain the file name.
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All I do is create a folder before starting d/load for whatever version am downloading (e.g. IPBoard_312) on my hard drive and save to there then when I unzip I know what version it is for

If I also d/load blog, gallery etc for that version of IPB I d/load it to IPBoard_312 folder, that way I know that everything in that folder is to be used with that version of IPB

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