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Re installing ipb forum

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Hello all. I have a remote dedicated server running ubuntu 64bit server edition. I have installed lamp, ionCube, ftp and freenx and configured apache2 so i can add a couple of sites should i want to. I also have a teamspeak3 and shoutcast servers running.

But i'm having problems connecting to port 22 with putty and nx. It was fine untill i tried to install a few things that i didn't like/need and then uninstalled them. In short theres loads of orphan crap files on there and somethings messing with that port as far as i know. My site workes fine but its no good if i cant access the server to install other things i want like game servers etc.

My provider suggested backing up my files and re installing ubuntu which i can do through my control panel with the provider. This installs what ever operating system i want and ssh by default. I then get an email with my putty root details and a blank canvass to play with. :lol:

As far as IPB goes i need to know what to do to re instate my server once lamp/ioncube is re installed. I have saved my ipb mysql database and all the IPB files to my local pc. Will it be enough to just put them back and reload the database after i have apache configured again?

To be honest its a new site and we was ironing out a few things before we started promoting it and we only have a few members at present but i'd like to keep the current layout/skins/posts and members etc once the server is cleaned up.

Any advice on what i need to do would be appreciated. Thanks =ChAoS=

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I managed to get a putty connection and ran => apt-get autoremove This removed a hell of a lot of unused/orphaned files and i then disconnected putty and reconected instantly. Hopefully this as cured my issues bit only time will tell. I would still appreciate an asnwer to my above question just incase it doesn't and for future reference.

Thanks =ChAoS=

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