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Archive Feature

Ran Yefet

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My name is Ran & I'm a Developer.
I have a very large forum with over 3 million posts. (Link)
Currently I'm using IPB version 2.3 but I'm planned to upgrade to 3.1.

One missing feature that I really need is archiving.

I saw that Charles mentioned (in [url=" topic) that archiving was planed for 3.1 but there's still no new about it.

Anyway what really important about the archive is that the topics and posts will still be access-able trough the Search, User Profile (Find my content), and the Actual Forum.

I've already planned how the archive feature will work, It'll be something like that:

At first i though to move the posts to another database but it'll be too complicated to implant the search and user post count.
The solution i found is that.

Creating another 2 tables in the IPB DB with the same structure as ibf_posts & ibf_topics that will be called
ibf_posts_archive & ibf_topics_archive

In the Admin Panel you could enable/disable which specific forum will have archive feature and which topics & posts will move to archive.

Manually: Move All Topics & Posts that Created before January 1st 2009.
Automatically: Move All Topics & Posts that a they are 1 Year Old.

Of course there will be a check box for "Include Pinned Topics?"

If a forum set the archive feature On that this button will show up:
post-115583-067713500 1281523850_thumb.p

The Global Search Option will look like this:
post-115583-042915800 1281524271_thumb.p

And the User Content will look like this:
post-115583-033753800 1281524498_thumb.p

To save the old topics urls for SEO all there need to do Is first check if the topic id is in the ibf_topics and if not do another check in the ibf_topics_archive.

I really thinks is the best way and less complicated solution for this problem.
This way all the old content will still be search-able and access able and it'll reduce the load from the ibf_topics & ibf_posts table.

I'll hope you will add this feature to version 3.2 It'll really help for the bigger forums.


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How is everyone getting above 400,000+ posts? 4gig limit has been killing my database (mysql), crashing and locking stuff. I have had to constantly prune to avoid it. Is there a trick I'm missing? :unsure:

Yes, there's a way to overcome the 4GB limit.

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