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Suggestion: Closing a "report" should then notify reporting member

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Suggestion: Closing a "report" should notify the reporting member (or placing on hold). Otherwise members will not know the issue has been resolved unless the mod takes the time to do that for all reports (time consuming). This type of closed loop feedback allows members know things have been addressed and reduces the work load by the mods. I would think these levels make sense...

In Work
On Hold (maybe set a selectable timer to re-open tickets on hold -- remind the mods)
Closed (Issue Resolved)
Closed (Issue Unresolved)

Each level will send a PM to the reporting member when the status changes.


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I can understand wanting to let a member know that a report has been addressed, but any notification should be very vague at most.

Something like, "Your report has been reviewed and is now marked as complete. Unfortunately, any and all decisions made are confidential and cannot be disclosed."

That way, if it's decided to let the reporting member(s) know, it would only let them know that the matter has been looked into, but without telling the member(s) anything more than that. Should also be set so that if the the notification is done as a PM, it's a system generated one that cannot be responded to and doesn't tell who actually handled the report.

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