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Detecting Mobile Devices


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Hi there

I had been using a script to detect mobile devices and serve them the lighter version of the content for my board.
The script is from


Since upgrading to 3.1, I have not yet done the required modifications since I am yet to understand how you detect mobile devices in 3.1

There is an interesting thing I noticed. My mobile traffic has decreased by 66% according to Google Analytics. The actual traffic came out to be same when I plugged the google analytic code to the website after detecting with the above-mentioned script if the user is using a mobile device.
However, if I plainly insert the analytics code to my mobile skin, the traffic seems to drop.

So is there a possibility that you you are classifying much lesser number of devices as mobile devices and serving FULL version of content even to some mobile devices?

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This is NOT a support request. This is how IPB behaves, intentionally.

I just wanted to ask if this indeed is the way they want it to function. I am not asking for any help here :)

The script is not very big, someone from IPS could take a look and just tell me if they intend to include all those devices in their future releases, or may be the script itself is wrong in some way!

I wonder why this is a support request!

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I honestly thought giving such information would be classed as support by telling the OP that he does not need to use a third party script but to to use the ACP to setup the required useragent to skin mappings. I was obviously mistaken, so sorry.

Anyway, you can find a list of mobile useragents at http://wapedia.mobi/en/List_of_user_agents_for_mobile_phones

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