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Download: (SOS31) Manage Validating Members v1.0.0

Adriano Faria

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File Name: (SOS31) Manage Validating Members v1.0.0
File Submitter: Adriano Faria
File Submitted: 04 Aug 2010
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

This hook allows you to conveniently manage your validation queue from the forum side. If you use any kind of new registration validation, you'll notice in the top of your board, besides the Admin CP link, a link (with counter) to this new page. In that page you can manage new users validation. This new link is only visible for users that can access the Admin CP.

Click here to download this file

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Thanks. Great mod and will be very useful.

There's something not quite right as shown by the attached image. I'm away this week and using my Laptop with a 1280 wide screen. As you see the number has wrapped to the next line. Also if there are red entries but no green entries then no red number shows.


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Still has no reason to break:

<ul class='right'>

	<li><if test="$admin > 0 OR $user > 0"><a href="{$this->settings['base_url']}app=members&amp;module=advanced&amp;section=validate"><b>{$this->lang->words['member_validating_queue']}:</b> </if><if test="$admin > 0"><span style='color:red;font-weight:bold'>{$this->lang->words['admin_val']}: {$admin}</span></if> <if test="$admin > 0 AND $user > 0">|</if> <if test="$user > 0"><span style='color:green;font-weight:bold'>{$this->lang->words['user_val']}: {$user}</span></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</if></li>


Works fine in IE8 as well:


Maybe it's just another browser quirk of Chrome.

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Awesome mod! Thanks. However, if you have renamed admin folder, images in validation center doesnt show because it tryes to find them under "admin" folder. What skin file should i edit to fix this?

I'll upload a new file. In the meantime, you can edit admin\applications\members\modules_public\advanced\validate.php. Find:

			$r['_image']  				= "<img src='{$this->settings['board_url']}/admin/skin_cp/_newimages/members/{$image[0]}' alt='{$image[1]}' title='{$image[1]}' />";

Change admin for your admin folder name.

I will use the proper setting for this, which I don't remember now.


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This is an excellent mod. However every time I validate a new member an error is generated in my server's cpanel error log. The validation however works. Here's what the error looks like. I have changed my site url and IP address for security reasons:

[Sat Aug 21 13:20:44 2010] [error] [client 123.456.789.012] File does not exist: /home/mysite/public_html/public, referer: http://www.mysite.com/forum/index.php?app=members&module=advanced&section=validate

Anyone else getting these errors?


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