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Moderation in search resoults

Dr R.I.P

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Finally I updated my IPB from 3.0.5 to 3.1.2. I did it becouse I want to have moderation in search resoults, but I disappiointed. Why didn't you put opportunities to link topics with other options? Yes, I should read more carefully, but when I saw headline I thought that this will contain everything.

Is this possible to add this option? I will be greatful and I think that I would not be alone =]

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Ok it's not need. I did it by my own. It was simply edit, but why no one from stuff didn't answer? May be the reason is I don't have customer account. I'm the second admin, but now never mind.

In: Search -> searchResultsAsForum


<option value="unapprove">{$this->lang->words['search_cpt_unapprove']}</option>

Add below or somewhere between other option:

<option value="merge">{$this->lang->words['cpt_merge']}</option>

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