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XHTML validation


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Just going through the pages of ipb now and noticed that pretty much none of the pages validate anymore. I know as content is added it breaks validation but even on static pages or pages without user content IPB fails to validate. Is this known issues and is anything being done to address it?

Came across these issues when i decided to use:


on ipb to see how well it does. Can't really do another thread about semantics till the first issues are resolved :P.

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If it's dealing with the Facebook stuff that gets added to the page, there's nothing really that can be done about that, Facebook's code often doesn't validate. But anything else on a fresh install, with no content added, should probably be reported. I've noticed that the first CDATA tag in the source is wrong, and that the new search dropdown stuff doesn't validate either, but haven't gotten around to reporting these.

I'd really like everything to validate too, it helps me when I develop stuff to be able to see if my own custom code validates.

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