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very long response time!


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i converted to ipb around a month ago and i had to deal with the conversion department. i discovered 2 things:
1- Jason is the only guy available
2- its impossible for him to answer all requests by himself

to prove my claim here is my last ticket details:

Ticket Status Open

Department Technical Support: Conversions

Ticket Opened 21 Jul 2010

Last Action 26 Jul 2010

@IPS you need to hire people to help Jason. you keep talking about improving the support but you are forgetting this area.
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Apologies for the delay on that issue. This is very unusual, even in a specialist department (like conversions).
I've just spoken with the technician handling your issue and am told it will be taken care of shortly.

While Jason does handle the majority of the conversions, we do have several other staff qualified to assist when the department gets busy.
Conversions is certainly not a forgotten area - we have in fact recently been working on improvements to the converter application to improve efficiency. Like I say, this is not a usual occurrence, and I apologise again for the delay.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns :)

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