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Download: BP-Black


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File Name: BP-Black
File Submitter: Sean James
File Submitted: 02 Aug 2010
File Updated: 31 Aug 2010
File Category: Dark Skins



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Latest Invision version: 3.1.2

Invision skin by Bluepearl Design

This skin package contains 6 different black styles for the price of one.

BP-Black Invision skin works with forum, portal, gallery chat, blogs and downloads

BP-Black package has 6 different colors which come included at no additional cost, Default black, Black and blue, Black and red, Black and yellow, Black and green and Black and orange.
BP-Black series 2 package has 6 different colors which come included at no additional cost, Default black, Black and pink, Black and lime, Black and purple, Black and cyan and Black and sienna.

BP-Black and BP-Black Series2 sold separately. Click the top banners to visit the shop checkout page.

After purchasing this style you will have access to 1 year of free updates on my site.

Additional options:
-$40 USD - This allows you to remove the bluepearl-design.com copyright link on all styles you have purchased and downloaded.
-$20 USD - Professional installation by Bluepearl Design

See the style in action!! Invision 3.1.x Demo:
BP-Black - default version all black Invision template
BP-BlackBlue - black and blue Invision template
BP-BlackRed - black and red Invision template
BP-BlackYellow[ - black and yellow Invision template
BP-BlackGreen - black and green Invision template
BP-BlackOrange - black and orange Invision template
BP-BlackCyan - black and cyan Invision template
BP-BlackLime - black and lime Invision template
BP-BlackPink - black and pink Invision template
BP-BlackPurple - black and purple Invision template
BP-BlackSienna - black and sienna Invision template

Click here to download this file

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