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Hello, I've used your guys' forum software in beta/free versions when it was still around; and I've noticed there is a mass buy button in the store feature sometimes, when there is mass to buy. This takes you to a URL with the mass ammount, which can be edited from buying 5 to... oh I don't know... ...47,000... this in tern causes the loading page, which features every item individually in the ACP to fail. Getting rid of such a large ammount in tern is a problem as well; as you can only get rid of them one at a time or delete the account. The reason for this is because there isn't a mass sell button/url+id to counteract the mass buy button/url+id.

Sites that use the store feature sometimes tend to put thousands and thousands of items in the store, and they are either free or there is some horribly easy way to get money. Users being unaware of such logs even existing and the ACP displaying each item individually don't consider that what they are doing may be causing a problem, and it generally isn't something that the local admin had anticipated. And so clever, &eccentric users who want to buy a lot (for whatever misguided purpose), and want to buy it fast, use an edited mass buy, and then AFTER this happens they are told about the problem it has caused, and are unable to mass sell. :|

And that is my feedback on the issues of imbalance in the store system with a mass buy button, without a mass sell button to counteract it. I have never used this part of an IPB ACP, but I have learned about how it works from admins who were fairly unhappy with me... (Yes, I used the points to get 47,000 rock eggs; for reasons I don't expect this community to understand. However it has to do something with roleplaying, and not the casual kind; the more advanced kind where you use items as a type of money and keep records of everything.)

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