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Raw Viper

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hello everybody

a few suggestions for the report center in IPB 3.1.x

i think you guys should add this stuff
- Report submitter
- in each user profile should be how many reports each members submitted
- Show the forums of each report
- show who resolved the report

this additions could be better for the admins of the forums

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1. Doesn't it do this already? ;)
2. Disagree. The additional query load doesn't warrant the negligible information it provides.
3. No hard feelings on this one. Don't really care.
4. This is also shown (in a way).

My heartburn with the Report Center is it's still treated as a modification with no real integration into the forum software. Personally, I'd prefer to see it go away with reported posts being displayed in a forum of my choosing.

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- it removes the submitter when an Admin or Super Mod resolved it
- maybe make one for the admins in ACP
- me too but i thought it might be good to know, you're right i shouldn't suggested it
- see first point it removes it should be sticked which will be better

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