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Enhance Post Page

KT Walrus

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One of the forums I visit has a nicer Post page. Please consider enhancing IPB's Post page with some of these features:

  • All Post pages (new topic, reply, etc) has an edit box for entering the post's text (just like IPB)
  • When you enter text into the box, a live preview section is shown under the text box that shows how the text will be formatted and shown once posted.
  • For reply Post pages, a "replying to" box is shown that contains the text of the post you are replying to.
  • Any part of the "replying to" box text can be highlighted by the user with mouse selection and if an adjacent Insert button is clicked, the text will be pasted as a quotation into the main text composition box.
  • The "replying to" box also has a checkbox for toggling the showing of any quoted text in the box.
  • If "replying to" is to the whole topic, the first post text is shown in the text. Otherwise, the post text of the reply the user is replying to is shown.

Maybe the live preview is not that useful for IPB since we have a WYSIWYG editor. But, having the post you are replying to in a box where parts of that post may be selected and inserted into the new post as quoted text seems much better than IPB where you click on the Reply button and all text of the post is pasted as a quote (and then you have to remove the parts of the post you don't want quoted).

I think I am suggesting that the Post you are replying to be shown in a text selection box on the Post page so that you can select any portion of the text and click on a Paste Selection as Quote operation. I like this better than removing extra text.

The Multi-Quote button could just add the Post text to the Replying To text selection boxes on the Post page (one such box for each post quoted) rather than just immediately inserting all the texts of each multi-quoted post.
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