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Speeding up queries to conv_link table...

Alexia Smith

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I went through since I was annoyed with how slow queries were to the conv_link table. This may not help small forums, but with the current forum I am converting pushing five million entries in the conv_link table it really helps.

1.) Add an index to the type field. This has the immediate effect of going from looking at all entries in the table to just the type being search for. This cut queries down from 2 seconds down to 0.2 seconds.

2.) Change foreign_id from varchar(32) to int(8). This cut the query time down from the remaining 0.2 to 0.0006 seconds. This will be an issue for any conversions that encounter a foreign_id that is not an integer. However, in converting multiple vBulletin, phpBB, and DragonflyCMS installations I have never encountered any non-integer values in that field.

Both the above steps have massively sped up the conversion process for me.

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Would you mind reposting as a bug here: http://community.invisionpower.com/tracker/project-12-converters/ ?

If so I can do so for you, but I would consider at least the first issue to be a bug.

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