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Suggestion: Add custom blocks to user profiles


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One suggestion I have is an option to allow users to add blocks with custom content to their profiles.
This could be something similar to how Blogs work. This will make personal profiles much more interesting I think.
Custom content could be: youtube video, text, images, links etc.

Another thing that I'm often asked by members of my community is how to change the main blue color of their user profiles.
Users are very happy to change the picture background but sometimes the colors of the image they add does not fit to the blue colors (original IPB skin).
Not sure if this is possible at all, but it would be nice if users can change the user profile color as well.

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Guest CallieJo

Please count my vote for both suggestions.

Changing profile colors is something I really miss from vb3.8 (came back recently to vb4.x). The background change is just not enough. It's a nice added feature...just not customized enough for profiles. I would suggest changing colors and fonts. In changing colors, I would also like to use custom background images as an alternative.

Please consider these suggestions...thanks and have a splendid weekend*

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