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Suggestion for better use of ban control


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As I started entering “Instant/Disposable Email Addresses” in the Ban Control email address filtering interface,
I discovered that its use is kind of awkward.
In order to enter 100 spam email addresses it will take a very long time, as this is done by hand, one by one.

My suggestion would be to allow a .txt file upload of email accounts as well as IP addresses, in addition to the existing drop down box.

Also it would be beneficial for validation to occur in the IP address field.
As it stands right now you are able to enter any value and it will be accepted.

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Great suggestion :)

There is already a mod for this around though: http://www.devfuse.com/forums/files/file/156-m31-ban-filter-importerexporter-v100/

You can find out the format (the way you need to 'write' it) of the file by exporting a file first and then using the same format ;)

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