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Suggestion: Auto hide new replies on closed topic


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Not really a big issue although I imagine it could save some embarrassment for very busy boards.

If two staff are on a topic that is getting closed, one is typing up a reply while the other is done replying and closes the topic. If the one still typing a reply has access to still post in the topic even if it's closed, if they say something that contradicts or repeats what the previous staff member said, then unless it's caught, it could cause confusion or other problems.

The idea here would be that if the reply button is hit when it's not labeled as closed, then when the post is finally made, it should be hidden to give the staff member a chance to review what's happened since they started the reply (to decide if they still want to show it) or perhaps direct to an error screen where the staff member can elect to make the post anyways or return to the topic (with an option link to pop out a window to let them read the last page to help them decide).

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