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Download: Final Frontier 3.1.2


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File Name: Final Frontier 3.1.2
File Submitter: Edward V
File Submitted: 19 Jul 2010
File Updated: 24 Oct 2010
File Category: Dark Skins

Final Frontier is a dark, space-based theme. It originally beginning as a conversion of XGhozt's Eclipse (IPB 2.3.6) skin for IPB 3.1.1, but we diverged a bit as we liked to customize it to fit the way we wanted it to work. We are now releasing this skin free of charge to anyone who wants (and dares) to use it. We appreciate the help from the original designer, as well as the IPS Skinning and Design forumers that helped this skin along. This is for you guys!

With this file, all we ask is that you keep our skin credits intact. You may reuse and redistribute this file as many times as you like, but please do not edit it and claim it as your own.

RPG Frontier

-Fixed the Search text not showing up.
-Fixed the Search Dropdown

-Fixed Footers Issue
-Removed Forum Icons Legend (If you want it back, just search for the hook).


-Fixed an issue with the comment_new.png image.
-Fixed issues with advanced search colors.


-Fixed an issue with the sidebar 'Status Updates' hook.


-Fixed an issue where a few images weren't showing up.

Click here to download this file

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I don't suppose I could get a copy of the images this skin uses as a .zip archive (Or other compressed format)? Basically, the server I'm on at the moment doesn't allow me to use the import method for uploading the images, so I need to manually upload the images to get the skin to work.

If you did have the time to do this for me, I'd really appreciate it. If not, it's no problem.

Thanks for any assistance. :)


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Yes, this skin is fully 3.1.3 compatible, haven't noticed any missing...well, anything for that matter.

Btw, does anyone else have an issue where YouTube videos (or other videos) posted appear very dark?

That would be because this skin uses special parameters for posts that make the background semi-transparent, so they will appear just a bit darker. Shouldn't be too badly affected though.
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