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Invaluable Thankyou


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Thankyou very very much to Greame Leighfield

This is a serious message for IPS - If you wanna get more modifications developed for your software, you wanna get more of these done. In this case it was done my one of our community, but this is invaluable to ANYONE who wants to start developing.


This is the kind of real dummies guide some of us need just to get started. There are all sorts of other areas that would also be of help that could be done like this. Just for an example:

  • Adding a new tab with some content into a users profile page
  • Quick guide of how to create a new page on IPB with the forums look, using hooks only.
  • How to add a basic user permission
  • How to add a basic usergroup permission

And these are just few off the top of my head. Im on a mission here guys because I wanna see IPS blow vbulletin out of the water on modifications as well as the software that has already done so IMO. And we can, ya just need to give some of the more inexperienced coders a kick start. Why rely on the few experienced ones? They started somewhere :)

Some of us EXTREMELY appreciate the "Treat me like Im an idiot" approach ..... Because it helps us stop being idiots LOL
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  • Management

I think what Mark meant to say (:))) was, we're glad you were able to find helpful information. We have a great community of contributors, as you've noticed.

As noted - we also have resources available. Please let us know if we could have made those easier to access in some way.

Thanks for your feedback.

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Ya know, now Ive just had a look at them, they are exactly what Ive been after and made 3 threads about in the past week ... Dont get me wrong, people have tried to help, but its difficult soemtimes to get across just how much of a dummies guide ya need.

Yeah lindy, you could do people a favour with that one actually. Add a very promenant, large link at the top of this page to the page that Mark has posted above: - http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/articles.html/_/ipboard-3x/developer-articles/

I know these are official docs, but I found this page to be the place I was looking as I assumed it would be under the resources. A little oddly placed since its not community written, however it is massively a community resource wouldnt you agree?

And Mark, thankyou very much for them they are very usefull.

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