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seo - google webmaster parameter tool ?


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google webmaster tools does have a parameter suggestions feature that can be used to avoid urls with certain parameters and so may be usefull

is it possible to have a defined list of invision parameters that could be safely added

may help avoid 500 errors such as this

Dynamic parameters (for example, session IDs, source, or language) in your URLs can result in many different URLs all pointing to essentially the same content. For example, http://www.example.c...es?sid=12395923 might point to the same content as http://www.example.com/dresses.

You can specify whether you want Google to ignore up to 15 specific parameters in your URL. This can result in more efficient crawling and fewer duplicate URLs, while helping to ensure that the information you need is preserved. (Note: While Google takes suggestions into account, we don't guarantee that we'll follow them in every case.)

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