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Your thoughts will be highly appreciated

Saurabh Jain

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one of my member has written to me for mechanical-engineering.in site

" Saurabh,

I'm sure that by now you think that I have been ignoring you for quite some time. That really is not the case. You have made the site so very difficult for me to use, that I simply cannot respond when you send me a message.

I have had to switch computers since I was last on the site, so my password was lost. I know that you have a password recovery process, and I'm sure that you think it is just fine. For young people, I'm sure it is. For an old man such as I am, it is not. I cannot see the verification letters that you put in your test, and you require that twice. I have tried that repeatedly. Today I managed to get through, but I cannot tell you the number of times I have gone away frustrated. As soon as I lose my password, we will be right back to the same situation. Since you provide absolutely no other way to contact you, there is simply no way to do so.

I realize that your site is geared almost exclusively to young people, so you probably will see this as no difficulty. However, don't be surprised that you have few older engineers coming around. The eye problem is very real."


Plz advise How to deal with this


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Sounds phishy.

Perhaps try and verify the IP address (including a trace of the IP using dnsstuff whois) and even send an email to the address on the account this person wants access to so you can see if they reply that it was them.

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You have the ability to shut off the captcha verification if you so choose, however I would not recommend doing so. Yes, you might run across the random person who has trouble seeing the captcha, however the tradeoff against turning it off is that bots can register on and spam your site much much easier. You will have to make the decision which issue is bigger for your site, but in any case IPB gives you the ability to configure it how you wish.

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