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Chat log viewing options


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ACP, IP.Chat.

Manage IP.Chat
Chat Logs
- Public
- Private
- Both

- Date [ # ]

For the date, have a calendar pop up that lets you pick a day and then it will show all conversations (public and/or private based on current view) for that day.

I know there are options at the bottom, but when going to the logs, being able to click on the left would be very nice. Continuing to use the bottom to search for words, phrases, specific dates would make sense.

Also, when clicking to view private chats, being able to filter it to show a specific conversation would rock. Like being able to list names that either sent/received a private chat, then after clicking on one of those names, seeing a list of those that they sent/received with and clicking on one of their names to narrow down the conversations.

Example, clicking private on the left menu (referring to my suggestion above), it would show private conversations the same way as it does now. But an extra option would show to list all people who used private chat. After clicking a name, all private conversations they were involved in would show (much like using the search on their name). But could further filter by clicking on another name to show only things said between those two people.

Oh also, for searching, be able to specify if it's a member name or spoken text and also limit search to exact phrase. So searching for "put" wouldn't match "computer".

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