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Enhancement to Custom Fields


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In an effort to make custom fields more friendly and more easily open to newer chat mediums, there should be an extra field in the profile fields configuration for how to display/format the data when shown on the persons profile.

Also, there should be field 'types' available that do the same thing. The way it works now is that mediums such as AIM and MSN are hard coded into the skin templates. If something ever needed to be changed, then it would need to be changed not only in one skin, but many custom skins as well. With this other method, simply changing it within the custom fields section will fix it in all skins on the board.

Per custom field, add another setting that would be similar to the topic view option, except it would be for the profile view.

Doing it in groups or types, admin would add a type (say "aim" for example) and then would add how the data is formatted. Then if the admin wishes to have 4 or 5 AIM fields, they only need to put in the key type (like "aim"). Okay, sounds to work the same as it does now, but here's the difference.

Adding new mediums and how they are handled would be MUCH easier. Adding things like a persons name on FaceBook or Twitter would be much easier, not to mention GoogleTalk, MySpace, etc.

If the person only has to put in part of the URL (for websites), then it can be formatted to look much nicer rather than seeing lots of http://www.domain.com/some/path/to/myuseridname across the place.

The reason for having it in both the individual field settings and as a 'type' setting is simple. If the admin is only going to use it once, no need to have it as a 'type', but if they're going to use it more than once or if it's a popular standard, then perhaps it could be added for them (xml import?) so they don't have to figure out how to format it.

Also, would look much nicer than a bunch of <if> statements in the profile fields template bit.

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