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Forum's Slowed to a Crawl

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It seems after trying to send a bulk mail (61 Members) my forums speed has slowed down significantly. I went from load times of .200 to insane times of .700 through 1.300, even sending a PM the load time was 2.102 or something similar. The only things I've done to try and speed up my forums is

ALTER TABLE `ibf_core_item_markers_dev` DROP INDEX `item_member_id` ,

ADD INDEX `item_member_id` ( `item_is_deleted` , `item_member_id` )

and I run this when things get sluggish.

OPTIMIZE TABLE `ibf_core_item_markers_storage`;

OPTIMIZE TABLE `ibf_core_item_markers`;

Though my forums were fine after I did those. Like I said the speeds went downhill when I attempted to send a bulk mail which didn't send and I ended up canceling it. I'm on a shared hosting plan and my options to what I can do to the server is limited but I'll ask my host about any ideas anyone recommends.

Thank you.

Looking at this at the following it seems 3.1.2 will be helping with speed related issues.

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