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Missing things in IP.Chat


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An indicator for typing might be pointless, except possibly in private chats. Imagine a room filled with 20+ people that are talking, the chat indicator would never be off. If you mean in the user list, I might be typing something but then changing my mind and not want the group of others knowing that I was starting to type something.

Inserting a name could be handy.

Changing the font.. eh.. I see potential problems with that. Someone might use colors or sizes that are annoying or that cause other issues.

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Our top five feature requests (after one day!)

1. Ability to block all private chat without having to manually ignore each user.

2. Ability to "float" the room and therefore resize the window

3. Ability to "float" private message windows so both they and the main room can be seen at the same time.

4. Fix the issue with the size of private message windows when lots are open at the same time, so they don't get squashed and become unreadable.

5. Add the ability for people to create their own room within the room.

Hope that helps


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I actually think different colors for font would be awesome! My members are requesting that as well. I also second the motion for the ability to create different chatrooms. I say this because on our other chat software we have a separate chatroom for administrators and moderators for when we have a staff meeting.

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