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Aweber feature set


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Hi guys,

It would be great if the mass mail feature in IP.Board borrowed some of the features from mass email marketing software like aweber.

The main features that I need are:

1) Be able to delay the delivery time for a mass mail message (e.g. set up a newsletter to go out in a week's time)

2) Have an unsubscribe link in every email that is sent

3) Be able to do some automation of mass mail message content (e.g. send out a recent topics list once a month to everone who has signed up for admin mail)

3) Allow people to sign up for mass mail messages from the admin without requiring them to sign up for forum membership/registration. THIS SINGLE OPTION ALONE WOULD BE AWESOME! Can you imagine how many people would be happy to give an email address for a newsletter but would never (at least initially) bother with forum registration? By getting them to sign up initially to the mass mail newsletter they would certainly then be tempted to become a forum member later down the track. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! This would be beyond great! It would be brilliant!

Please consider,

Cheers :)

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I'd vote for the unsubscribe via the email link.

I get at least 2 emails a week of someone complaining that they should be removed off my email list, since they no longer care for the site. I tell em to log in and tick the checkbox, but the link would be more helpful :P

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